Security Program

Committed to Your Child’s Safety

Your child’s safety is our priority at Children First Learning Center Foundation. Located in Crown Point, IN, we provide a variety of programs, including child care services, preschool, kindergarten, and home care in a safe and secure environment.

We have researched and implemented a state-of-the-art security program that is welcomed and approved by the State of Indiana. We also recently installed a new camera surveillance system to better ensure safety and protection at our center.

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Proximity Access

In order for a parent or guardian to gain entrance into our front foyer, where your child is dropped off or picked up, you will be required to have a Proximity Access Card. Simply put, a Proximity Access Card contains the code necessary to unlock only the main entrance to the building, a secure area where our administrator maintains further secure access throughout the building.

A receptionist is on duty in the front lobby to monitor the arrival and departure of parents and visitors.

Note: CFLC will call 911 if you come to the center intoxicated or impaired!

Additional Safety & Security Measures

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

For your child’s safety, we require that you accompany your child to and from his or her room at arrival and departure times. You must sign your child in and out every day he/she is in attendance at the center. Be sure to let a classroom teacher know when you are dropping off or picking up your child.

We cannot release your child to anyone not on your signed authorization (pick-up) card. The teaching staff have been instructed to request identification if they are unsure as to the identity of the person picking up your child. Please keep in mind that this procedure is in place, for your child’s protection and safety.

CFLC Center teachers will be taking your child’s temperature as the children enter their classroom and around 4:00 PM. Temperatures are taken on the inside of their wrist.

Alternative Pick-Up Arrangements

If you will not be picking up your child, call and let us know who will be coming. In case of separation/divorce, the parent maintaining custody will be asked to submit in writing any documents authorizing custody and pick-up arrangements.

Under no circumstances will your child be permitted to leave with anyone other than those people designated in writing on the proper authorization form. Anyone picking up a child may be asked for a photo ID, so that individual should always have one available when picking up your child.

One Call Now

CFLC uses the One Call Now service in event of an emergency or school closing. This service calls all our CFLC families with the necessary information. One Call Now service is also used to remind families of special CFLC events. There is a One Call Now charge added to each child’s account once every year.

Fire Safety

The child care centers and houses are equipped with a fire alarm control system, fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors. Fire drills are conducted monthly.

For more information about our security measures, contact us today!

For more information about our security measures, contact us today!

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